Sterling silver JT Junior Link Necklace. This chain is unique to JTaranaki and unlike anything else on the market. It link doesnโ€™t hide from its construction methods, instead, it overcomplicates them and shows them off. Doing things the hard way is a gift and a curse – a curse for the creator and a gift for you. Each link hand made and assembled.



JTaranaki ships worldwide. Free shipping anywhere in Australia. International shipping may accrue a shipping charge. Please refer to the shipping options when placing your order. Prices will vary from country to country.

Why is there a shipping charge for international orders?

As each piece of JTaranaki Jewellery is made to order the production time can take up to 14 days. We want you to receive your jewellery as quickly as possible so we express post so that you can wear and enjoy your jewellery ASAP!


Each piece of JTaranaki Jewellery is hand made to order. Once we receive your order, the production time is 7-14 business days.


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One of a kind jewellery unlike any other